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Chinese Language is regarded by most as one of the oldest languages in terms of writing in the world and it has a rich history of nearly six thousand years. As a great language consists of various dialects, the exact number of dialects within Chinese isn’t actually known, but the majority of them can be grouped as following seven categories: Mandarin; Cantonese; Hakka; Wu; Gan; Min and Xiang.

There are 92% of Chinese residents that speak one or more of these dialects. Out of these 92%, the remaining 8% speak Tibeton, Mongolian and Miao. There are two main ways of writing Chinese: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, which is primarily used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, both of these are used generically across all the dialects.

Here at Elite Asia, we take pride in our traditional Chinese translation and interpreting services for over 10 years. Over this time, we have progressively taken on bigger and more complex projects, and are now a renowned agency for Chinese translation service with a particularly loyal customer base in Asia.

We hire only the very best Chinese to English linguists, and offer a wide range of services including Chinese translation to English and interpretation. We also teach Traditional Chinese for business purposes, so if you’re in a managerial or executive position, this could be right up your street.

When translating, we’re careful to convey the exact meaning communicated in the original document, regardless of the resulting length of the text. Professional translation incorporates interpretation in order to create something that retains the tone and precise meaning intended. Whether you want services of Chinese translation to English (and vice versa), we’ll make sure that your message is communicated effectively so that you can reach your desired audience all over the world.

Whether you just want to translate Traditional Chinese business cards into English, or translate legal documents from English into Traditional Chinese, our team of qualified translators are on hand to do the job efficiently and effectively. We specialise in formal Chinese translations, although we will sometimes use colloquial language where appropriate, such as when informal transcription is required.

Elite Asia is proud to have a fantastic team working for us and years of experience in the field in order to give you the best Chinese to English translation, Chinese translation to English interpretation and vice versa. We work quickly and pay close attention to detail on each and every one of our projects, whatever the scale.

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