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TKorean language is one of the world’s oldest living languages. It is spoken by 72 million people living on the Korean peninsula (South Korea and North Korea both use Korean as their first language). Out of these 72 million, there are 2 million people in China speak Korean as their first language, another 2 million in the United States, 700,000 in Japan, and 500,000 in the Russian regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Recognising the high demand for Korean Translation Services, Elite Asia has fine-tuned internal process to better serve our customers. We have a three-level process for our service of KOREAN TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH (AND VICE VERSA) which includes proofreading and editing phrase by our in-house Korean editor.

Here at Elite Asia, we have very strict processes for our KOREAN TRANSLATION SERVICES. This allows us to confidently manage the variety of projects that we receive, ranging from papers and agreements to birth or marriage certificates. Our Korean translators specialise in various industries and are adept at translations for business documents, brochures, medical texts, legal letters, patents and shipping documentation.

Our translators handle classified information of various organisations, hence, the confidentiality of the clients’ documents at each step of the translation process is of paramount concern to us. We believe in forging long-term working relationships with all our clients. That is why our translation services are highly discrete and confidential.

Every project is unique and our experienced Korean project managers are able to provide personalised services focused on the client’s translation needs. Each of our managers aims to deliver translated products that are accurate in both literal terms and in context while meeting deadlines. Elite Asia’s KOREAN TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH ( AND VICE VERSA) KOREAN TRANSLATION SERVICES division has honed their skills to the best standards of service delivery.

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