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Japanese Translation to English services

There are 128 m people that speak Japanese language. Out of these 128m, 124m people live in Japan and its adjacent islands such as Okinawa. The remaining 4m are scattered throughout the world. Japanese writing consists of three separate alphabets which are Kanhi, Hiragana and Katakana. With over 130 m current speakers, Japanese has become the 4th most popular language on the internet.

In the world of technology manufacturing and innovation, Japan is considered to be a giant so it is no surprise that Nihongo (another word for Japanese) is considered to be one of most important languages in the business world not to mention its uselfulness in cultural, scientific and entertainment areas. Naturally, Western businesses who aim to deal with Japanese industries seek Japanese translation services.


Here at Elite Asia, we take pride in our Japanese translation services. We offer excellent Japanese translation to English (and vice versa). Our dedicated team of native Japanese know how to take care of the job while keeping looks norms and customs in mind when conducting the business. Our hiring process is rigorous and we hire people who have at least 5 years (or more) of translation experience.

Japanese businesses are prevalent all over Asia; as a result, there is a high demand for professional Japanese translators. Our team includes specialist translators across various areas – from medicine to engineering, industry-related practices to marketing. We are a tight knit group of experienced translators, to bring you the very best Japanese translation to English services available. We know how important deadlines are, so we will always strive to deliver documents promptly without ever compromising on quality.

Our translation services are detail oriented. We take into account not only the culture and context but also the target audience and the purpose of the document. This allows us to delegate the task to the right translator. Knowing these small details is very important for any translation service provider because cultures differ in various ways and we don’t want you to lose the deal of a lifetime just because you didn’t use the right translator.

Our translation process is very meticulous and well thought out. We’ll first consult the client and assess what exactly is required. We’ll address any issues with the translation and recognition of character, outline the dedicated support we have in place, and ensure a thorough proofreading on every document we send out. With Elite Asia, you can be certain that you are getting the best possible Japanese translation service.

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